Social Media: basics

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Digital marketing

Always the same speech but good to remind the global overview: 7 tips for social media presence

Exclusivity: Focus on exclusivity, differentiate yourself, it provides a massive boost to your social media presence.

Engage:  actively engaging the audience by discussing  with your audience.

Listen:  social media is a 2-way street, it’s give-and-take where you must be prepared to listen to your followers and speak to them.

Integrate: The USP of social media is its community spirit. Make sure to integrate your social media presence with the rest of your marketing communication efforts.

Technology:   Integrating your business blog with Facebook is a good idea as it brings in good traffic and highlights that your Facebook followers participate actively on your blog.

Promote: Promote your social media presence with contests, giveaways, discounts and special offers. Encourage your followers to participate and reward them for their loyalty.


Source: Douglas Idugboe, Faccebook:



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