Social Media Campaign Content Tools For a Better ROI

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Digital marketing, Uncategorized

Social Media can be of the most effective, but certainly popular ways to do Internet Marketing. The first part is only true if you create compelling content that social media will help you fuel. Companies make use of trending social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to market their website and promote products and services. Today, more and more companies are creating their own social media campaigns to reach the target market they want. What content marketing strategies do companies use for a high performance, high-yield social media marketing program?

Yes, we’re talking about ROI. King Fish Media created a June 2010 study on the percentage of companies in the United States that are already using social media campaigns as their marketing strategy. These companies believe that this form of marketing is way more effective than posting ads and copies that just seem to annoy people.

Here are the types of contents that companies use for their social media campaigns:

•73% of companies use Branded Content

•72% of companies use Expert Content

•51% of companies use Videos

•40-45% of companies uses User Case Studies, User Content/Reviews and Information on Sales/Discounts

•35% of companies use Social Media Advertising

•29% of companies use Talk Backs/Forums and Repurposed content from a Media Company

•22% of companies use Games and Contests

•17% of companies use Pre/Post Sales Q&A

Expert content wins

As you can see, companies see that providing branded and expert content is the most effective way to attract the target market into buying a product or service. Making use of YouTube for video marketing is also a great way to capture the attention of people today. Especially if you provide useful, helpful content that matches your target audience. That is key.

Social media advertising

Interruption marketing works, but will help you more & faster, if you target the “right” audience. If not, it will just come across as spam or nuisance that’s not worth looking into. Facebook advertising enjoys some of the best demographics targeting today. Adding advertising tactics in addition to social media (connecting) is a power-combo.

Relate & solve

However, now – more than ever – people look for quality content, something they can relate to or something that will solve their problem. Making use of a social media campaign gives a more direct way of appealing and showing concern to customers compared to simply writing an ad about what a company is selling.



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