10 ways to get your blog noticed

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Digital marketing

There’s little worse than putting your heart into crafting top-notch website contentand blog posts only to discover that nobody has read it. Or ever will.

Given that there were some 152 million blogs live at the last count (BlogPulse: December 2010), the bad news is that most people will never find you online. Follow these 10 steps, however, by Demian Farnworth for copyblogger.com, and the good news is you can beat online obscurity for once and for all…

1. Dominate LinkedIn groups

Joining LinkedIn groups in itself isn’t enough. Embark on a posting and commenting spree and the potential to become an online influencer is vast – even from groups that you haven’t started.

2. Give away content for nothing

Remember, visibility and exposure are the most important things for a nascent business blog. Farnworth cites online powerhouses Seth Godin, Hugh MacLeod and Leo Babauta among those who started off by giving away a large part of their best stuff for free.

3. Write guest articles (with a twist)

It takes time for a new website or blog to gain traction and reach the critical mass where people are returning regularly. While it’s naturally tempting to keep all the best content for your own blog, Farnworth suggests putting the best stuff on other established blogs to gain all-important exposure. The risk of using more mediocre blog content yourself is, he suggests, far outweighed by the risk of online obscurity.

4. Reply to comments

You cannot afford not to have a voice in the comment section of your blog. Rather than think of it as a time-consuming courtesy, see it as an absolute necessity. Ensure your comments are thought-provoking and always ask questions to lead the conversation.

5. Promote other experts in your industry

The first rule of blogging is to forget one’s fascination with oneself. Nobody really cares. But wherever you see excellence in others, spread the word. Use their case studies within your blog posts and spread exemplary work via Twitter or LinkedIn.

6. Facebook is your research laboratory

Ask questions, and then remember to listen. People like to be asked their opinions, and you can boost both popularity and visibility by working those questions and comments.

7. Follow 237 Twitter power users who follow back

Check out Social Media Watch’s list of Twitter users who will follow you if you follow them. It will take some time, but ask yourself whether you can spare an hour or two to see serious results in your Twitter marketing. Having rounded up the followers, maximise the relationship by asking questions and re-tweeting often.

8. Email key influencers

According to Farnworth, every single famous person that he emailed during the past ten years responded to him. Email works as a gateway into the minds of great people who can often help you. Don’t be shy.

9. Create SEO-friendly videos

Take a leaf from 20 year-old MC Lil B’s book, whose web repertoire appears lifted from a beginners guide to SEO. Constant tweeting, video dialogue with his fanbase and spars with other celebrities fire up his fans to make YouTube responses to his songs. Stick to the fundamentals of SEO (content, keywords and linking) to start showing up on more searches.

10. Wear an eye patch

Not literally, but think back to Ogilvy’s 1951 ‘The Man in the Hathaway Shirt’ campaign. For those that may have forgotten, Ogilvy put an eyepatch on its Russian aristocrat protagonist, and with that simple twist made his ad stand out from hundreds of others for men’s shirts. The point in all this: think unique, useful, urgent and ultra-specific to make your blog content stand out from the crowd.


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